Welcome to my little corner of the web!  My name is Erin.  I'm a wife, stay-at-home mom to 4 kids, homeschooler, Catholic, crafter and coffee addict. :)  Born and raised in Connecticut I'm a life-long New Englander.  I love to take pictures, read, write, create, teach, cook, learn and try anything new.  I also make and sell American Girl Accessories in my Etsy Shop

My family

This blog is mix of everything under the sun.  Some of the things you will find here are: homeschooling stories, faith-related posts, anecdotes about family life, my latest American Girl creations, recipes and craft ideas.  I occasionally offer free printables, too!  Sometimes I share my heart on heavy topics and other times I keep it light.  This blog reflects the many seasons of life--the beautiful mix of suffering and joy.  I use this blog to share, connect, encourage, offer ideas and give thanks to God for His abundant blessings. 

I named this blog "Wee Little Miracles" for several reasons.  Back when I first started blogging my children were all so little that they were my very own "wee little miracles!"  But I also loved the name because I believe that the beauty of life is celebrating the everyday "miracles"--the micro moments of hope and joy woven into the fabric of everyday life.  Moments like a beautiful sunset, a bouquet of dandelions picked just for you, or even simply a clean house (which is so rare around here that it feels downright miraculous lol!). One of the reasons I started blogging was to share some of those moments with others.  I also love how the name "Wee Little Miracles" is so fitting for the doll-sized miniatures I make! :)

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you'll stay awhile! :)


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