Friday, June 10, 2011


I'm participating in another Five Minute Friday this week with The Gypsy Mama! Five Minute Friday is where we write for 5 minutes flat on a given subject, no editing no fretting. Just enjoying the process. It's so much fun-give it a try! This week the prompt is: backwards.


When I was a little girl, my absolute favorite ride at the local amusement park was a wooden roller coaster called the Thunderbird. And the best part of this little old coaster: it went backwards. There was just something so incredibly thrilling about not being able to see what lie ahead--not seeing the big drops as they approached, the twists, the turns and bumps in the road that jostle, catch you off guard and leave you feeling off-kilter. But to just enjoy the drops as as they came was so freeing,!

Oh, as an adult to be able to enjoy riding backwards! To delight in the unknown path ahead, trusting it'll be a fun ride, a thrill, nothing to fear. There's something beneficial to being able to ride backwards, to not look ahead but instead just enjoy the moments as they come. To not get bogged down by planning and fear and mistrust. But just riding, whizzing through life with your eyes closed tightly in joy and hands waving carefree in the air.


Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. good call! I love rollercoasters! sometimes me and my friends would just sit in the back cart and turn around backwards for the whole ride, because we needed a new thrill...ha! good reminder to enjoy life. thanks for that on this friday!



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