Monday, January 30, 2012

One Thousand Gifts {part 20}

As January comes to a close, I pause to reflect on the many blessings this Wintery month has brought. From the beauty of nature to the wonderful people in my life, grace is all around. So I continue to count the ways the Lord fills my life with good things, blessings from above:

564. "I Love You Because..." board. So many smiles and laughs we've had!

565. "MOPS Swap" de-cluttering the house while blessing others!

566. Luke remarking on the beauty of snow twinkling in sunlight, "like a bunch of diamonds shining!"

567. Letter from one of our sponsor children

568. Still a little light out past 5:00pm!

569. waking up to a Winter Wonderland

570. mugs of hot cider after playing in the snow

571. family game day

572. coyote passing through the woods in our backyard. Breath-taking.

573. "snow faces"

574. my 2-year old saying grace

575. Cinnamon rolls in the oven

576. meeting a wonderful new friend!

577. Chinese New Year celebrations

578. cold egg rolls

579. playdate: legos, crazy costumes and catching up with wonderful friends

580. answers to prayers far better than I ever imagined

581. handsome little heads of boys with fresh haircuts

582. Megan using the potty for the first time!

...more to come

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  1. You are counting wonderful gifts. Need to make my own "I Love You Because..." board!

  2. two year old saying prayers. so precious! I think God hears them the best! and I love your I love you because board! definitely inspired me! Blessings to you, from Uganda!

  3. I love the "I love you because..." board. I am going to have to borrow that idea. Thanks for sharing

  4. Beautiful list of thanks - I also love your "I love you because" board, thanks for sharing...

  5. Ohh... all that snow! It is beautiful. Ours didn't last too long! :( Family game day sounds like so much fun. Yay for Megan!!



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