Friday, June 1, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1.  I watched the History channel's Hatfields & McCoys mini-series this past week.  Did anyone else tune in?  I really enjoyed it--makes for good food for thought.  I'm amazed by how hatred can brew and fester through multiple generations.  What started out as some bad feeling between 2 families turned into all-out war.  It reminded me of modern day gang mentality--how people can hate each other based on something so contrived as the name of the gang with which they're associated.  It's chilling to think of how we're able to dehumanize individuals like this--assigning value based solely on a name.  There are some definite lessons to be learned here on the necessity of forgiveness and the danger of assessing individuals based on superficial labels.  Good stuff to chew on!

2.  On a far less contemplative note, we've been loving the summer weather here!  We've washed off all the patio furniture, eaten outside, even busted out the sprinkler pad!  I'm always struck by how quickly it seems to change from Spring to summer! (Especially as homeschoolers since all core academics come to a screeching halt the moment the gorgeous 80 degree not-a-cloud-in-the-sky days arrive!  My justification for this is ehhh...who wants to sit at the table doing math when we could be having a picnic instead?! I'm teaching my kids awesome lessons in perseverance, I know! ;) Note to self: work on instilling perseverance, um...this Fall!

3.  My son, Luke, lost his first tooth yesterday!  This is a BIG DEAL in our house, since he's my oldest.  It's our very first tooth-losing experience in our household!  Since I can't seem to ever reign myself in and keep things simple I came up with this elaborate treasure hunt complete with cryptic clues leading to his hidden loot.  It started with a note under his pillow, had him searching all over the house, eventually leading to a concealed box stealthily lurking amidst our shoes. So much fun!  But now I've realized I've set the bar ridiculously high for future tooth-losing experiences!  And doing the math of 20 baby teeth times at least 3 kids...what have I done???  (Note to self: Explain to kids that the big hoopla is only for the FIRST lost tooth only!  Next time it's loose change under the pillow!!)

4.  More progress on the potty training front!  My daughter, Megan, has only had one accident in the past week and, as of yesterday, even pooped on the potty!  Success!!  It's a week of epic achievements in our house this week! (Yeah, I know--I probably need to get out more if I'm considering the normal bodily functions of my children "epic" in any way.  Duly noted.)

5.  Since we'll be on vacation the next couple of weeks I've made it my self-imposed challenge to try and use up every last shred of food in our house so as to avoid grocery shopping and the icky nastiness of the old food in the fridge upon our return!)  I've deluded myself into thinking I'm some hard core reality show contestant brilliantly concocting both delicious as well as nutritious meals for my children, but at this late stage in the game it's getting pretty thin on both the "delicious" and "nutritious." Last night it was frozen tortellini and stale raisins for dinner.  Yeah.  Absolutely 0 points for me on that one.  I think I'm definitely getting voted off by the tribal council this week!!

6.  I realized that I started out on a high note with these quick takes, actually saying something somewhat meaningful and contemplative and have subsequently trailed off into the completely inane.  Such is the way of my brain--I really only have one or two worthwhile things to say and then it's all downhill from there!  That's why I could never be one of those savvy whip-smart bloggers who cranks out something completely brilliant every single day.  About once every 2 weeks I'd have a really great post if I could manage it and the rest of the days would be a bunch of mindless drivel about summer wardrobe woes and the absolutely ordinary accomplishments of my children! :p

7.  Since we'll be away on vacation I won't be around these here parts too much over the next couple of weeks.  I'm hoping that will mean I might actually have 2 or...perhaps even 3 meaningful things to say upon my return! :)  And if not, you can at least expect 2 weeks worth of mindless drivel that's been compiling in my brain while I enjoy the fun and sun of the Outer Banks with my kiddos.  I know, I know, try to contain your enthusiasm for that.  If you're lucky I might even throw in a picture or two of my kids doing something really brilliantly innovative--like eating.  Or breathing.  Because, you know, they rock at those things and the world needs to know it. :)

Megan thoroughly enjoying the beach sand on our trip last summer. (Can't believe how much she's grown since last year!)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Woohoo -- Outer Banks! Jon & I took our firstborn there when he was a baby -- trying to tent camp on the beach with a not-quite walking, crazily-energetic one-year-old. Sand spurs -- ugh. We were permanently scarred and haven't returned yet, but it's on our list now that the kids are bigger and finally know how to swim. Fantastically gorgeous. Have a great time!

    1. Yes-the sand spurs are awful, aren't they?! I can't imagine trying to tent it with such a young one--you are very brave! :) But yes, it is gorgeous and even worth the spurs lol! Thank you! :)

  2. What a fun post :) I love the idea of the tooth hunt - sounds like something that my girls would love {not that we are to that stage yet!}

    Enjoy your vacation!

    1. Thanks! The tooth hunt was a ton of fun, but I have to say that my husband, Kevin, was WAY better at coming up with witty clues than I was! It's hard to determine the right level of difficulty for a 6 year old! Mine were either way too hard or too easy! So Kevin gets the blue ribbon for striking the right balance! :)

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