Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mid-August Daybook

Outside my window...
 ...enjoying a late-summer cooler morning with that teeny hint of change in the air.  That, and our for-sale sign swinging in the breeze reminding me that we haven't had ANY showings this week.  This whole house-selling business is tough!  At his rate we might be here for another year... *sigh*

I am thinking...

...about Autumn!  Those who know me best always tease me for "pushing the seasons"--thinking ahead to the next season while the current season is still in full swing.  It's true, it's just what I do. :)  But I tend to do this especially in the summertime when I'm sick of the heat and dreaming of my all-time favorite season--Fall!  I'm also looking ahead to Fall fun because I'm (thank you, Lord!) feeling much much better as my first trimester ends!

I am thankful...

...again, for feeling better!  Also thankful for fresh peaches, a fairly smooth start diving back into homeschooling, apple cider, all of our favorite clubs and activities starting up again soon.

In the kitchen...

...just this past week I've been getting my "kitchen mojo" back (again, see above with the feeling better!).  I've been looking through all of my recipe books, Pinterest and torn magazine must-try pages for some new ideas.  I want to get better about weekly meal planning now that I'm getting my energy back.  The poor kids have eaten more processed frozen yuck-o food in the past month than I care to admit and that will be coming to a screeching halt, I'm happy to say!

I am wearing..., still in my jammies. :) Most of my maternity shorts aren't the most comfortable (just that whole panel pressing on my belly making me feel a little queasy) so I've been super lazy about getting out of jammies until I absolutely have to!  That is very un-like me--I'm not usually a hang-out-at-home-in-my-jammies-person!  But if it keeps the queasies at bay, then I feel justified!

I am creating...
...lesson plans, lesson plans and more lesson plans.  Between my leadership roles in different groups and our at-home studies resuming I am in full-on planning mode!  It's fun though, I'm such a nerd at heart.  Not much crafting going on these days.  I tend to go in phases with crafting.  I'm definitely in a "crafty dry spell" right now.  Just too many other things going on right now, I think.

I am going... our local county fair this weekend--first fair of the fair season for us!  The kids are super excited to see pig races, ride filthy rides with sketchy safety standards and chow down candied apples.  Aaaaah, fairs.  Gotta love 'em!

I am wondering...
...if we'll sell our house this year.  It's been such a huge process to get the house ready to sell, keeping it clean for showings and re-arranging all of our homeschool organization to "hide" our supplies when we're not doing school work.  I have to say I'm not a huge fan of this "limbo living"-- of not being able to tape up the kids artwork on the walls, and having to be so militant about toy clean-up every night.  But it's a process and exercise in faith and trust, so I'm trying to just take it one day at a time.

I am reading...
...still chugging along in the Jesuit Guide to (almost) Everything and a few other stragglers I've mentioned in previous posts that I've yet to finish.  I didn't do as much reading over the summer as I normally would've because I was just so dang tired!  Going to bed at 8:45pm put a definite cramp in my evening reading routine!

I am learning...
...lots and lots about Europe in the 1500-1600s.  That's our area of study in homeschooling history right now and I just love brushing up on Queen Elizabeth, Mary Queen of Scots, Guy Fawkes and all of that good stuff.  The kids just adore history, so it'd definitely a favorite subject around here!  We're planning a huge trip to the library for more supplemental reading on this time period!

One of my favorite things...
...fresh produce from the local farmer's markets.  Oh, the corn, peaches, tomatoes, apples and squash!  So yummy!

A peek into my day... 
back to homeschool!

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  1. I hope your showings increase and you are able to sell your house soon. Your peaches look delicious! Have a blessed week :)

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