Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to have a Quick and Easy Spontaneous Picnic!

I *heart* picnics.  Late summer and...dare I say it--Autumn (it's on the way! I can feel it!) are perfect for picnics. There's just something about being outside in nature, enjoying a simple meal with family and friends that fills my heart with joy.  But at times they can be a little tough to pull off on a moment's notice--especially with little ones in tow.  So, here are a few tricks I've learned along the way in order to make picnics fast and easy!

1.  Keep a "picnic essentials" tote
 I try to always keep a tote bag of picnic essentials on hand, in order to keep packing to a minimum.   In my "essentials" tote I have stashed: 

--paper towels and napkins
--plastic utensils
 --juice boxes
-- apple sauce cups
-- dry treat of some sort (e.g. pretzels or goldfish)
--granola bars
 --paper plates
--wet wipes
--plastic bags (for easy garbage disposal!)
lunch made easy thanks to a little pre-packing!

2.  Keep a picnic blanket in your car
Another easy way to pull off a spontaneous picnic is to keep a picnic blanket in your car.  Even better if you happen to have a water-proof one! (If not, any blanket will do--just be careful to avoid wet spots on the ground when selecting your picnic spot!)
Blanket: check.  Nature journals: check.

3.  Have a "picnic activity" tote ready to go
I'm all about the pre-packed totes!  I just love having a few activities tucked away for the kids to do.  Our tote includes:

--a kite
--nature journals w/colored pencils
--pocket microscope
--balls, frisbee and other outdoor toys
--bug spray
--bug-examining apparatus (my boys love bugs!)
--print-outs of outdoor games (e.g. scavenger hunt check-lists)
colored pencils are always a hit!

"Something Round" Scavenger Hunt  items we found

4.  Keep your home stocked with simple picnic lunch essentials
We try to make sure we always have some PB&J fixin's on hand as well as cold cuts, veggies & fruit.  Not to worry--if your cupboards are bare, you can always run to a sandwich shop on the way!  We've stopped off at Subway en route to our picnic on more than one occasion!

5.  Bring extra clothes for kids!
There have been many times where my littles stepped into mud patches, got drenched at the beach, needed extra (or fewer!) layers when the weather changed, and even (oops!) had accidents.  Extra clothes are AWESOME to have in the car!

The boys rolling down a huge hill the day after it had rained--extra clothes to the rescue! :)

Water exploration... muddy pants practically guaranteed!

I hope these little tips I've learned along the way help you plan for some spontaneous picnic fun this Fall!  I've found these few simple steps really reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare what's needed for a day of outdoor fun.  If you have any other tips to share I'd love to hears yours!  Please share in the comments below with all of your tips and tricks! :)

Happy Fall! 

Raising Homemakers


  1. Whoever said anything but for me, autumn is the best time for picnics and walks. You deserve better praise for going on a picnic at this time of year. Beauty and peace are peculiar. Your photos are wonderful, I would like more of this mood for each of us.

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