Monday, February 4, 2013

February Daybook

Outside my window...'s a bright and sunny (but cold!) winter day here in Connecticut.

I am thinking about...

...nesting, nesting, nesting!  My little guy is due in a couple of weeks (if not sooner!) so I'm making plans to ensure things will be as smooth as possible around these here parts, once he makes his arrival.  Aside from the obvious baby prep I'm also making plans for our homeschool lessons--how to simplify them for the sleepless nights ahead.  I'm thinking about Lent, too, which is coming up very soon!  I need to keep things simple this year (again, sleepless nights ahead!) but I'd still like to try and make it as meaningful as possible. I'm looking around online for some really simple activities we can do that will be meaningful for us as a family.

I am thankful...

...for a productive weekend!  We got the boys' rooms painted (our new house is chock of full of horrid granny wallpaper that we're gradually getting rid of--it's been quite a process!).  My guys are so very happy to forever be rid of the hideous yellow and green flowers...although if they ever decide they miss them, all they have to do is open their closet to catch a glimpse!  Yes, the previous owners even papered all of the closets, as well as switch covers and sockets to boot(Who does that?!)

In the kitchen...

Not much doin' in this department lately.  I've been eeking by with simple fast recipes, now that I'm getting so big and uncomfortable.  Thankfully no one seems to mind my utter lack of attention to this area! 
I am wearing...

I am creating...

Aside from a few crafts I managed to pull together for the baby's room, I haven't been all that crafty since we moved.  Not only are all of my craft supplies still a messy jumble, but my motivation is reeeeeeally low--for the same reason my cooking has been at a minimum.  Big and uncomfortable is the over-arching theme of my life these last couple of weeks of pregnancy!

I am going...

...not many places these days!  Back to the big and uncomfortable theme!  But I did manage to check out the new library since we moved and got 3 ginormous tote bags full of books for us to go through, which I'm pretty psyched about.  Other than that it's just been doctors appointments, the occasional homeschool outing and lots o' hangin' around the house.  My poor kids had a rather lack-luster January!

I am wondering...

...when my little guy will make his appearance.  I'm also wondering if he'll come naturally or of I'll be induced.  My placenta at my last ultrasound was showing signs of age, so they might induce me next week based on that.  Sooo, we'll see what happens!

I am reading...

I've been on a mission to finish up some old neglected books I never finished, and others I've been given but have never gotten around to reading.  Ever since I unpacked my books at the new house I decided I'm not going to crack open any new ones until I finish some of these oldie-moldies.  So, I just finished Joy Luck Club and started Sea Glass by Anita Shreve.  I really enjoyed the intricacies of the mother-daughter relationships in JLC.  I also loved thinking about how multiple generations and different cultures collide to make relationships complex and sometimes strained.  I'm not very far in Sea Glass just yet, so I don't have much to say on that one.  It's set in the 1920s, which is fun.  I haven't read a novel set in that time period in quite awhile.

I am hoping... have a smooth transition into life with 4 kids!  Although my daughter is only 3 years old, I feel like it's been forever since I've had a newborn!  From previous experience I remember it being like riding a bike--it just comes right back--but I still feel a little bit anxious.  Also, I had all of my other kids in the old house, so having one in this new house will feel like an added adventure! 

I am looking forward to...

Spring!  And being able to be just me again...I don't know about you, but to me pregnancy is verrrry loooooooong.  I feel like I've been housing 2 people for ages here in this ol' body and am looking forward to being just me again!

I am learning...

...about patience.  I read an interesting homily the other day from my book of daily homilies about patience, and how it comes from the Latin meaning "to suffer."  I never knew this, but oh, how true it is!  I can be a bit impatient at times, wanting to do things right now.  I have so many plans for homeschooling projects, crafts,  cooking, decorating, unpacking and organizing, but this pregnancy is forcing me to put many of these plans on hold.  It's an uneasy feeling, but I think there's a valuable lesson hidden in all this forced waiting.  I'm trying my best to embrace it and learn from it.

Around the house...

I'm trying and failing miserably at keeping up on the chores!  Everything feels so hard at this late stage of pregnancy and poor Kevin has been so wonderful about picking up the slack in the dish and laundry departments.  So if you happen to know me in real life and decide to pop in for a visit, just don't look around too closely at anything, ok?  ;)

One of my favorite things...

When we moved I somehow lost our sugar bowl.  It either broke, or goblins broke in during the night and stole it away because it is nowhere to be found.  So, I decided it was time to break down a buy a new one.  I saw this and fell in love!  It was a bit of a splurge for me, but I went for it.  I have it perched happily on my kitchen counter and it makes me smile every time I see it. :)

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Doctor's appointments, chore catch-up, homeschool (heavy on the read-alouds this week, courtesy of aforementioned library trip!), naps, and homechool co-op. Oh, and possibly going into labor and having a baby!

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  1. Hi Erin, I didn't know you were pregnant! You may have had your baby by now and are super busy settling in with a newborn. May God bless you and your family.

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