Friday, March 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes {The Postpartum Mush-Brain Edition!}

1)  I cannot believe that I've somehow managed to blog twice in one week!  And with a newborn to boot!  I have seriously missed blogging and am hoping to get back into a more regular posting pattern.  Just please don't expect anything terribly deep or well put together until I'm at least getting a few more winks at night! :p
The cause of my mush-brain.  But isn't he a cutie? :)

2)  I am becoming a Mrs. Meyers cleaning product addict.  Have you tried them?  I particularly love their lavender counter top spray and their rhubarb hand soap.  Since I have a new baby I've been washing my hands a LOT, so the Mrs. Meyers makes this a joyous task!  Every time I take a squirt I incessantly sniff my hands like a crazy person whilst simultaneously craving rhubarb crisp.  Seeing as I now have rhubarb on my shopping list, I think this little addiction might be bad for my postpartum weight loss plan.  Butter-laden crisp does not do wonders for one's muffin top. :p

3)  Speaking of postpartum muffin-top abuses, I have continued to crave sweets like crazy, although my little guy is now 5 weeks old.  Isn't that odd?!  I don't recall having lasting sweets cravings with past post-pregnancies.  My weakness is dark chocolate and mint combinations.  At least Christmas is over-- when all of those deliciously evil dark chocolate minty barks were all over the store shelves!  I have a much easier time resisting peeps and cream eggs!

4)  During the middle-of-the-night feedings I've been watching Frasier re-runs to keep my eyelids from drooping shut.  It's one of those shows I never watched back when it aired, and it is funny!  Since I've been watching it so much I've been seeing all these scenes where the characters are chatting away in a coffee shop.  All of these coffee-house scenes are making me crave snooty high-brow over-priced deluxe coffee complete with a size in Italian and foam on top.  I was telling Kevin about it, and he suggested I just break down and buy one to get it out of my system.  So I indulged in a Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks last weekend and--YUM!!  Unfortunately my indulgence has had the opposite effect and now all I can think of (aside from minty chocolate, that is!) is when I can get another!  Just what I need--another muffin-top enabler!

5)  Another thing I've been loving (Thank God this one isn't edible!!  I don't think I could handle any more cravings!) are Aden + Anais swaddlers.  These things are AWESOME!  I am all about the over-sized swaddling blankets and these ones deliver!  They are huge!  And the best part is that they're light-weight so babies won't overheat.  If you happen to have a baby and are in the market for a decent swaddler, check these out!  I wish I had known about them with my past babies!

happily swaddled!

6) On the topic of baby products, I broke down and picked up the famed  Sophie the Giraffe teether.  I had heard this thing was the king of all teethers, so we shall see!  I have never in all my life plunked down so much on a measly piece of rubber, so I'm hoping it'll be worth all the hype!  Has anyone ever used one? 

7)  I'm in the market for some books/materials to freshen up our religious homeschool studies.  As our core book, we've been using Jesus Our Life, along with a few other supplimental books, but I'm feeling like we could use a change of pace to liven things up a bit.  Any suggestions for the 5-7ish age range would be very welcome!

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  1. Hi Erin, your little man is precious! You must be tired but loving all the cuddling times! That giraffe tether is si cute and does look like plenty of options for teething. Your little guy should have fun with it. Where do you get the Meyers products? Trader Joe's?

    1. Hi Noreen! I actually order the Mrs. Meyers stuff from Amazon, but I do know they carry them in stores, too (e.g. Target).

  2. Your lil man is just a cutie!!!
    I've never tried the swaddler or the teether.
    Have you looked at for different ideas for homeschooling. I haven't done a lot with the religious portion of it, yet. They also have 10 freebies right now that are spring/Easter based. It might give you some insight to what you like.
    We enjoy Science Jim.
    Enjoy time with all our lil one and Happy Easter!!!

    1. Thanks for your recommendations--I'll be sure to check them out! Happy Easter to you! :)

  3. Hello!

    Congratulations on your lovely baby boy - he is gorgeous :)
    Re: Your request for book suggestions - have you got The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally-Lloyd Jones? I run the Children's Ministry at the church I attend here in Australia and we have been using this book for the past month in our curriculum - and the kids LOVE it (it's also great for our Children's Min leaders because it's a beautifully told story). There are videos you can download that go with the stories, and there is a curriculum kit you can buy too (if you wanted to - you don't have to though).
    If you haven't already got it, I hope you like the suggestion.



    1. Thanks so much for recommending the storybook bible. I've looked at a few different storybook-style bibles and have had a hard time deciding which one might be best. We have one here at home, but it's missing a lot of important stories and details. I'll check it out! That's great that there's online resources to supplement! Happy Easter! :)

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