Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes

It's been awhile since I linked up with 7 Quick Takes!  I've missed it, so here I am today, brain-dumping the completely random, in no particular order.

1.  My nails seriously dislike winter.  They keep cracking...and then cracking...and then cracking some more.  It is not good. They are now down to itty-bitty stumps so I HAD to polish them, in a desperate attempt to preserve what's left!  Any suggestions?  I try to moisturize them when I think of it, but apparently my efforts have been feeble. HELP!!!

So so short!  But, yay for pretty Zoya nailpolish, at least!
Zoya Dove

2.  My pregnant mad-woman citrus craving is alive and well!  It doesn't even have to be edible!  I've been burning lemon candles, using lemon-scented lip balm...and hoovering clementines and grapefruit (I don't usually even like grapefruit!) like there's no tomorrow.  It's funny, I remember going through a citrus addiction when I was pregnant with Megan, but it was summer time then, so my addiction was mostly limited to gargantuan quantities of lemon Italian Ice. much as I love me some citrus I haven't brought myself to start eating Italian ice just know, Polar Vortex and all.

My beverage of choice this past week: Orange-Aid.  The perfect marriage of orange juice and lemonade.  Dual-citrus-load all in one glass.  Awesome.

3.  My husband has been on a couponing kick lately.  I have to say I am AMAZED by the deals to be had!  He is awesome.  I just do not have the patience to deal with the headache of figuring out the dates and all of the weird rules required to get stuff for almost-free.  I mean, I think I'd rather fold laundry.  And that is really saying something.  But more power to the money-saving hubby!  We're not getting our own reality show or anything like that just yet, but..we may never have to pay for body wash again!  Do you do the couponing thing?

See, I'd rather actually deal with this monstrosity than figure out couponing.  But, not just yet.  I'll just go on writing my 7 Quick Takes a little longer...

4.  I've been doing the happy dance every evening when I notice how it's been staying light out later!  Even if it's still as cold as the planet Hoth (Kevin would be so proud of me right now for that Star Wars reference!), at least gimme a little more sunshine! Winter is beginning to get to me.  I look for inane reasons to celebrate just about anything.  But at least the kids have been enjoying my inane celebrations!

Don't worry...only about 2 more months to go before the temperature rises above 20!

5.  Every year, as Valentine's Day approaches (followed by our wedding anniversary the next day), I always put this weird pressure on myself to do something really nice and special, but can never think of anything!  I scour the internets reading about all of these cute ideas, but none of them really seem to "fit".    I think that means I'm romantically uncreative...or would that make me creatively unromantic?  Well, either way, I think I'm getting an "F" again this year.  We'll probably wind up doing something completely unoriginal like...dinner. 

6.  This past week we've been finishing up Season 4 of Downton.  I liked it, but what can I say...I still miss Matthew (please tell me that is longer a spoiler at this point?  I think everyone must know about Matthew by now, yes?).  While I enjoyed it, I just felt it was missing its usual...oomph.  I'm hoping season 5 will be a bit more gripping.  And, it's not as if we need to wait an entire year for it or anything...oh wait.

7.  Thomas has been going through the Since-I'm-almost-one-year-old-I-only-require-one-nap-instead-of-two thing right now.  I'm not a fan.  I keep trying to foolishly pretend I'm not aware of this new stage, and have been putting him down for 2 naps anyway.  Take it from me, babies cannot be fooled into napping when you think they should.  Let's just say the pre-dinner witching hour has been...interesting around here.

"I may be smiling now, but don't you dare try and bring me up to my crib at 4:00pm again, lest suffer my wrath! Mwahahaha!"

Well, that's my brain dump for the week.  Can't wait to read everyone else's!  If you want to join in the fun, link up your Seven Quick Takes.


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