Monday, September 26, 2011

One Thousand Gifts (part 14)

It's been awhile since I last posted my gratitude list, although I've been trying my best to record His gifts in my personal journal at home. It's been neat to look back on a Summer full of captured grace. Even in a season of sorrow (Sadly, I experienced a miscarriage over the summer) there has still been so much to be thankful for...some of it the hard eucharisteo, as Ann calls it. As a new season begins-- both in nature and in my own life--I pause to ponder the wonder of the everyday gifts from above. And so my list continues, an entire Summer of gifts:

299. long soulful walk with friend

300. lightening behind nighttime clouds, illuminating black sky with electric energy

301. Hostas in full bloom with fuzzy buzzy visitors

302. Ben and Jerry's ice cream!

303. a clean kitchen (a rare occurrence!)

304. Son telling me in expressive tones, "the garden Lillies are so beautiful!"

305. morning sunlight filtered through trees

306. Watching thunderstorm with the kids--power and beauty of nature, and the awe of it

307. 3 year-old son telling me he hopes I sleep well as I'm tucking him in

308. 6 year old son exclaiming he loves to read!

309. brain-storming, bursts of creative energy

310. little boy squeals of delight as brothers swing together outside on playset

311. falling asleep to cricket song

312. apple walnut cake fresh out of the oven

313. ripe garden tomatoes

314. apple trees ripe with fruit

315. iced pumpkin lattes from Dunkin Donuts!

316. little girl snuggles with baby dolls

317. new winter hats for the kids that they've been wearing around the house in 70 degree weather!

318. sweet and salty corn on the cob dripping with butter, color of sunshine

319. laughing hysterically with the boys playing charades

320. refreshing evening walk with the kids-relaxation after a full day

321. Trust, connection and heart-healing conversation with an old friend

322. Cub-scout son's ear-to-ear grin at Raingutter Regatta-joy of victory!

323. Laughter over painfully hot buffalo wings(a restaurant mix-up!), not enough milk in the world cool the mouth burn!

324-330. Date Day: gorgeous weather, popcorn on a wooded bench, walking hand-in-hand, great conversation, soul connection

331. Renewed inspiration after season of rest and recovery

332. Crock pot cooking-easy and delicious!

333. Muffin tin meals-fun for the kids and easy for mom!

334. Fall craft days with the kids

335. discovering new music artists that stir the soul

336-340. The life lessons that only come from sorrow, renewed sense of what matters most in life, strengthened bonds with family and friends, outpouring of love from surprising places and over-whelming sense of hope in the midst of it all

341. son running in to bring me first colorful fallen leaf of the season be continued...

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  1. Stopping by from Ann's...

    Thank you for sharing today. Beautiful post and many gifts you have opened!

    I also had a miscarriage this summer...we lost our second baby and it was devastating. I know how you feel and I am so sorry. God used (is still using!) Ann's words to begin mending my broken heart. I wrote two posts on my grief that I'd like to share with you in hopes that it will add another layer of healing to your heart.

  2. @ohsoblessedThank you so much for sharing your experience with me and for providing links to your beautiful words of faith and hope in light of loss. I'm so sorry for the loss you experienced and I will pray for continued heart-healing for you. I was especially touched by the John 14:27 verse you mentioned in your linked post. That was the same verse that helped carry me through the first couple of weeks after losing the baby. They're such powerful and comforting words, aren't they? Your blog is beautiful--I'm so glad to have discovered it! God bless!

  3. What a wonderful list of summer gifts! We love watching thunderstorms too. The proud cub scout is adorable!! Yay for date day! Music that stirs the soul... such a great gift.

  4. A poignant testament to finding gratitude amid life's ups and downs, reflecting on summer's blessings despite sorrow. This heartfelt reflection earns a resounding five star review for its touching reminder of the power of gratitude in navigating life's seasons.



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