Monday, April 2, 2012

Family Prayer Jar for Easter {free printables!}

One of the ways our family enjoys celebrating the different liturgical seasons is by using a family prayer jar. I've been putting together sets of prayers to be used for each season, so I thought I'd share our set of 50 Easter prayers with you:

Click link below to print the word document from Google Docs:

These prayers can be used in several different ways. You can use one prayer each day as a family so the jar will be empty by Pentecost, or you can read several a day dropping them back in to be used all throughout the Easter season. Another way to use these is to print them out on pretty scrapbook paper linking them together to form a paper chain, taking one down each day (much like and Advent wreath paper chain). The chain makes a nice visual aid to see how many days of the Easter season remain. If you go the jar route you can either use one all-season jar or you can decorate several jars for each liturgical season, for an extra festive look. (For a set of Lenten prayers, you can click here.)

Our Easter family prayer jar

Easter Prayer Chain

These prayers are a fun way to involve kids and make each liturgical season feel festive and unique. My kids really look forward to using our jar each night! The prayers also would work well used in conjunction with my printable Easter calendar.

free printable Easter calendar

I'm putting the finishing touches on a set of jar prayers for Ordinary Time, so come back to print your completed set!

I hope these prayers help make your Easter season special! Many blessing to you and your family this Easter!

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  1. Erin, I am so excited for this! But I am hoping you can add this to your Google docs (in addition to the Easter story wreath) since Scribd has changed their policies? I can't wait to share these with my children, I know it will be a wonderful tradition for our family!

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  4. Just wanted to say thanks for making your 50 days of Easter prayers for families available. I plan on using them this year with my kids. :)

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