Monday, October 3, 2011

One Thousand Gifts (part 15)

The seasons are definitely changing. With Fall's arrival there's a shift in the air. While flowers in the garden wilt and fade, hints of autumn's splendor come creeping in-- cool crisp nights, the smell of wood stoves burning. With this season of change, of shifting, I continue to count the ways the Lord is always present, always giving:

332. New year of MOPS beginning--new friendships, connections and growth

333. tear-talk with sister

334. Adam's self-portrait

335. the smell of scotch tape

336. sunny September play date of baked apples and new friends. Seeing the Lord working His miracle of connecting new lives.

337. a tidy house at the end of a full day. Ready for another dawn.

338. Gorgeous sunlight on a day that called for rain

339. the fun of trying new recipes

340. discovering new blogs that encourage and inspire-kindred spirits across the expanse

341. finding a rhythm for the new school year, settling into new routines

342. homemade French Onion soup to chase away the sniffles

343. sweet precious daughter turning 2

344. 3 year old son's sudden and unexpected interest in learning to read!

345. daughter's pronunciation of "mohhh-key" (monkey) and "puuuhhh-kin" (pumpkin)-so hilarious and adorable

346. husband's second interview for new job!

347. tomato plants continuing to give ripe juicy tomatoes though vines yellow and wilt

348. cricket song

349. old photos and the reminiscing that comes from them

350. foot rub from husband-feeling so loved

351. ice cream cake for daughter's birthday. Orange everywhere!

352. tiny new nephew brought safely into the world

353. cold medicine that makes the symptoms better

...more to come

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  1. I wish we had a MOPs here, it can get a little lonely sometimes especially with no friends close. And I love, love, love, the smell of scotch tape. Doesn't it remind you of Christmas? That is so great about your little boy wanting to read! Go with it! And I think it's amazing you're still getting such gorgeous tomatoes! You must tell me your secret. I got my last tomato two months ago and I live in the south. And yes, I'm very thankful for cold medicine this morning as I wake up with a raging sinus infection.

  2. @April Ha me secret to tomatoes is putting them so late this year! :p I seriously didn't get any ripe ones until August! So I can't really take any credit there lol! And yes-scotch tape totally reminds me of Christmas! I'm so sorry for your sinus infection. :( I was worried my cold would develop into one (I'm prone) but thankfully I avoided it this time! That's too bad that there's not a MOPS near you. Could you possibly start a group at your church?

  3. Haha, I'm just laughing at my previous typos--I sound like a leprechaun with the use of "me" instead of "my!" :p Note to self: PROOF READ!

  4. Love the self-portrait! Trying new recipes are so much fun. Love #340! Love #350! Happy Birthday to your little sweet heart. She is adorable! :)



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