Monday, October 24, 2011

One Thousand Gifts (part 17)

As the Autumn trees blaze fiery red and orange here in Connecticut, I am filled with awe at the beauty the Lord gives each day. And so I continue to count these blessings--the beauty and grace of the Lord all around me--making my way to One Thousand...

387. party preparations--making the house festive and fun in anticipation of celebrating two birthdays!

388. connecting with an old friend-catching up on life together

389. being reminded of the many blessings in my life-heart swelling with gratitude

390. son's spontaneous art projects-joy of watching creativity blossom

391. making "rain art" together with the kids--turning rainy day into joy!

392. 6-year old son earning his first Cub Scout beads--witnessing his face beaming with ear-to-ear grin

393. the feeling of renewal and energy that comes from exercising

394. birthday celebration: day of fun, good food, family and happy happy kids

395. finding a grasshopper on our car after church-fun of examining it together

396. tiny red heart leaf on walk

397-401. fall walk with family on gorgeous sunny day: waterfalls, animal barn, orange sugar maple ablaze from afternoon sun, gathering leaves to identify and etch

402. finding a wonderful homeschool co-op that's a great fit for the kids

403. evening prayer and cuddle with my 3-year old

404. pumpkin french toast with real maple syrup

405. yellow mums in sunlight

406. still getting ripe garden tomatoes in October!

407. 3-year old's drawing of baby Jesus

408. daughter's sweet tired toddler babbles just before bed

409. bouquet of beautiful roses from husband

410. maple leaf falling slowly, gently fluttering to the ground--a simple moment of pure beauty

...more to come

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  1. Beautiful list of blessings :)

    The birthday party looks like everyone had a great time!

  2. The birthday celebration looks like so much fun! What a great cake! Congratulations on the first Cub Scout beads... that is awesome! A fall family walk... love that. Love the baby Jesus drawing! :)

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