Saturday, October 1, 2011

Remembering: A Way to Give Thanks

"Remembering is an act of Thanksgiving, a way of thanksgiving, this turn of the heart over time's shoulder to see all the long way His arms have carried."
--excerpt from One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

Have you ever thought that looking back on the past--on all the ways God has helped you in good times and in bad--is a way of giving thanks? When we pause to remember how God has carried us through the seasons of our lives, our hearts naturally swell with gratitude for His grace. Thinking of past pains and about the healing that has since occurred is a way to keep God close to our hearts. In remembering, we are made aware of how much we need Him and how He is always in control.

And we can also give thanks by remembering the good times--the times of laughter and joy. Since all good things come from God, then our most cherished memories--the ones we hold closest to our hearts--are like little gifts from heaven. Gifts given out of pure love from above. Calling these things to mind helps us learn more about the heart of God.

So take some time to remember this weekend. Think of the ways the Lord has helped you weather life's storms. And think of the happy times, too. Remember long the days gone by of sunshine, family and good times with friends. And in the remembering you are giving thanks to the Creator of all things, The One who teaches us how to love, by sharing His grace with us day by day.

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  1. Hai,Thanks for sharing here inspirational article. For example Ice Cream is a human creation, created by imaginative beings who decided it was likely to flavor cold dairy goods and make them sweet. Best enjoyed in warm conditions. God did not create this. Theists will tell you that God created humans who then created ice cream. Understand human being: you’re wonderful, and full of good things, both probable and real. God isn’t in charge for what you do, but is fully prepared to claim credit for it. God does what is good, and thus what God does is for all time good - not just because He does it, but because He knows what is the greatest good. When it comes to happiness or sadness, I have a strong idea that during the whole period of our life time, you are 50% of the time, happy and 50% of the time, sad. It cannot be changed. Interesting topic. You have to find something to move and motivate you. Good time or bad time is not permanent. Good time always makes a happiness and bad time create an experience. Well there should not be any exact reason to make you feel happy. I guess happiness lies in smallest of the things around us. There will be many instance in our life when we will feel like giving up the lot , when nothing goes our way , when we hope to see ourselves happy again ,when everything seems unhelpful but trust me bad phase won't last long. Everything will become back to usual again. We should learn to be happy, to be positive, to not let ourselves feel down whatever the situation maybe. Happiness lies within us. It depends on how we see things. It's not probable to feel happy all the time .Thank you. All the best.



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