Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Blogiversary to me! {and a GIVEAWAY!}

I've been blogging for an entire year! It's been a great journey, this wacky, wonderful world of blogging. I've met some truly beautiful people, people I can actually call "friends." Here, in this little space of mine, I've poured out my heart, shared my ideas and was encouraged by you--my wonderful readers. Here, I write my hopes, sorrows, joys and everything in between. It's truly been an adventure. It's amazing how technology has the ability to make the wide world seem just a little bit smaller, its people more connected. For all of the negatives of the online world, there are certainly benefits tucked in between.

I look forward to continuing my bloggy journey for another year, to see where it takes me, and what I will learn. And I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for reading these lines of mine and for sharing your heart with me as we walk this journey together.

And so, in the spirit of my Blogiversary, I would like to have a giveaway! This is not a big giveaway type of blog, but I want to give a little something back to you, for all you have given me. And, besides, what's a celebration without gifts?! :)

I was thinking about what this blog has meant for me, and how I might extend that same blessing. This is my creative space, a place where I express the things that matter most. And I wish to give you a special space--a place to work toward goals, whatever they may be. Whether you wish to create more, get more organized, pray, cook, decorate, lose weight, get fit, read more books...whatever it is you want to achieve, I wish to encourage you in those endeavors. And so, I want to give away a .... (drumroll)...

my Smashbook :)

A Smashbook! Have you heard of these? They're really great! They're notebooks full of funky patterned pages, a built-in pen/gluestick...and a world of possibilities! There are all kinds of neat accessories, too, like pockets, tabs and notepads. I'm including a blank smashpad in the giveaway to get you started:

You can use a Smashbook for ANYTHING. Seriously. It can be a scrapbook, an idea book, a personal journal, school/homeschool diary and planner, dream book, cookbook, calendar, inspiration book...anything! And, if you use the neat-o little tabs, your Smashbook can be a combination of many things! I use mine to jot down quotes I like, write ideas, arts & crafts inspiration and lists of all sorts. It's greatly reduced the amount of clutter that had taken over ...errrr, inhabited my desk. Basically it's a dumping ground, in book form, for my brain. And it's pretty. And I would love for you to have one, too. :)

Love the pen with with built-in glue stick!

This is not a sponsored giveaway-I'm receiving absolutely no compensation for this, other than the fun of giving something away! It's just a gift from me to you, my way of saying thank you for being a part of my blog, a part of my life.

If you would like to enter to win, here's what you do:

1) Leave a comment below telling me how you would like to use a Smashbook. (One entry per person, please)

2)Please provide your name and email address (you can email me this info. if you'd rather not leave it in the comments section, but make sure to also leave a comment, or else you won't be entered!).

I will leave this give-away open for one week, until next Friday February 10th at 10:00p.m. EST. I will select one winner at random and announce it the following week.

That's all I got! Thanks again for walking this path with me!


  1. Congratulations on your blogiversary! :-D

    I've never heard of a smashbook, but it looks cool. I think that I would use it for a Dream book :)

    I've never been here before, but I will definitely be back :) Especially since I don't think there can be such a thing as overuse of emoticons :)

    You can e-mail me at homeschoolingunscripted (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. I've been following and loving your blog for so long, it seems like you've been at it for years. Well done for managing to keep up with it amidst the gazzilion things you already do.
    Its the first time I heard of the SMASHBOOK- its definately going to be the beginning of a family cookbook for me.

  3. I want to either put story ideas or style ideas in a Smashbook. I got an email about these months ago. I've wanted it ever since.


  4. I have never heard of Smashbooks, but have a *small* obession with journals and journaling, so this is right up my alley! :)

    Love your blog...and a new follower! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Congratulations!

    I would love for my 10 year old daughter to have this. She would make it her own. She has just started writing little mysteries with her cousin and this would be a way to encourage her.
    clarksrfun at gmail dot com

  6. Oooh! Great giveaway! This would be perfect in an Easter Basket for my 12-year old who is almost as crazy about paper stuff as her mama. :)

    Found your blog on the Catholic Blogger's Network and am thrilled that I did!

    littleditty at catholic dot org

  7. When I saw this first advertised. I thought of my daughter who Loves to write and journal. She would absolutely love something like this!

    Happy Blogiversary! :) Thanks for this great giveaway!


  8. This SMASH journal would be awesome for my daugther. She is 10 and just starting to enjoy writing more. She would treasure this to have for her thoughts!

    Happy Anniversary too! My twin sister and I celebrated our first year on Etsy last November and it makes you pause and reflect how much has chanaged in just ONE year!

    I found your giveaway on Hiphomeschoolmoms website! =)


  9. Congrats for your blogiversary :D
    Actually it's the first time I've ever heard Smashbook ^^
    If I win it, I'll use it for my pregnancy diary. Ow...can't wait to write about my baby and stick his photos on it ^^


  10. I would use the notebook for ideas and quotes. inspiration
    shuttermom77 at gmail dot com

  11. Happy Bloggiversary! Smash books are awesome. My daughter got one for Christmas and I kind of wanted to steal it. LOL. I love your blog and definitely consider you one of my good blog friends.



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