Friday, February 10, 2012

Our Week in Homeschool {in which we all had colds!}

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In My Life This Week:

It was a slower-than-usual week for us with sniffles and sneezes abounding. So, we spent less time on our usual lessons and more time being spontaneous. It's on those "looser" weeks that I tend to really notice the kids more. You know, all those little sweet things like how their hands have grown a bit, and being awed by the imagination that knows-no-bounds.

In Our Homeschool This Week:

The boys spent a lot of time inventing--inventing a money game, a Zhu-Zhu pet obstacle course from blocks, a detective game in which they tried to crack the case of "The Mysterious Sound in Megan's Bedroom" complete with boobie traps, an observation notebook and even outdoor investigating (which, by-the-way, they never did solve! Hmmm...maybe it's better to not know that one?!). And we read. Lots and lots of books.

Luke making his way through another Nate the Great book-his favorite series of the moment!

We pulled out several of my old favorite childhood classics:


We also perused the bookshelves and re-discovered others including:

...which led to some seriously fun googling on the subject of microphotography including this picture of sand:

photo source

Who knew how stunningly beautiful sand could be under a microscope?!

We read some old issues of children's magazines we'd fallen behind on. An article from Spider on the Terracotta Army led to all kinds of fun readings on ancient China.

And we got our hands dirty with arts & crafts including heart etchings, thanks to a set of rubbing plates from Oriental Trading:

The boys also made "Knot Valentines" (courtesy of the February issue of Spider!):

they were all over anything involving secret messages!

This one made my heart melt--misspelling and all!

And paper chocolate heart boxes:

They also did a little excavating, thanks to the Dino Fossil Kits they bought from the craft store (with their own money!). It was way messy and loads of fun:

Adam. was. covered. in. dust.


Just so I didn't feel too badly for somewhat slacking in other subjects, we did manage to get through some math lessons!

Adam working on identifying 2-digit numbers:

It was a really fun week! I have to make sure we have more spontaneous "loose" days in the future!

My favorite thing this week was:

All of the cuddles on the couch under blankets reading stacks of books. Sometimes I realize those cuddles won't last forever, which reminds me to cherish them all the more. :)


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