Friday, May 24, 2013

Five Minute Friday: View

It's been ages since I last participated in Five Minute Friday.  It's where we write for 5 minutes flat on a given subject.  No editing, no worrying.  It is so much fun!  This week the prompt is: view.

Here goes:

Right here the view looks pretty.  Serene.  Scenery falling into place, the road ahead looking bright.

But I've driven darker roads.  The rearview mirror flashing blinding lights, high beams illuminating loss, loneliness, misunderstanding and grief.  When we check the view behind us, the road ahead looks smoother, gratitude rushing in over a road smoothly paved.

Sideview mirrors reveal mixed scenery; lives ripped apart, marriages ending, new ones beginning.  Feasts, famine and everything in between.  These views give clearer perspective on the road ahead, heavy heart swelling though leveed by hope.

Driving on I take all this in--roads traveled, others' trails.  Stepping on the gas with the windows down, radio's soft hum wafting on fragrant breezes, thankful for this calm stretch and trusting the view ahead will be spectacular.

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Five Minute Friday


  1. Gorgeous. So poignant, and effective in so little time.

  2. Loved this...thankful for the calm stretch! Wonderful. I'm your neighbor at 5 minute Friday



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