Monday, November 7, 2011

One Thousand Gifts (part 18)

As the seasons shift from golden autumn to pale winter, the beauty of the Lord is ever-present in both bold and subtle ways. And so I continue to the count many blessings from God above, making my way to 1000:

412. Nature crowns!

413 -419. Date night: delicious dinner, sleeping in, feeling like newlyweds, talking without interruption, going to church together--able to actually pay attention!

420. nighttime snuggle under blankets watching October snow fall with 6 year old son

421. reading Halloween stories to excited little boys

422. joy of painting

423-427. moms night out: glitter pumpkins (fun!), mulled cider, yummy treats, lots of laughs

428. homemade kettle corn

429. pinkish first morning light against rare October snow-so still and peaceful

430. warm house with electricity while many Connecticut residents go without power--ability to offer house to others in need

431. thick crusty morning frost on grass

432. husband's new job! Such a blessing!

433. warm toasted pumpkin seeds

434. jack-o-lanterns all aglow

435. The last golden colors of Fall set on fire by afternoon sun

436. October snow on holly

437. popcorn, hot cocoa and movies with cousins

...more to come

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  2. Your son is too cute, I think you enjoyed it very much.

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