Thursday, November 17, 2011

Smiling at God

My just-turned-four year old pauses as we say our morning prayer together. Wide-eyed he stares at the ceiling, smile on his face. I look over at him, thinking he's not focused. I gather up some words to let spill about the need for quiet and focus, but before I can speak, before I have a chance to give him my sternest "mom look" to let him know I mean business, he says:

"Mommy, you know why I was looking up with my eyes opened while I was praying? Because I was looking up at God and smiling."

His little face is alight with pure joy and wonder and love of God and I am left undone, speechless at this simple yet powerful act of faith from my little boy. Once again, my children teach me how to live, how to truly worship, to wonder, to adore. Because shouldn't we all, on a regular basis look up and smile at God?

I am continuously grateful for the journey of self-awareness this experience of motherhood gives. The more I teach, the more I see my own own ignorance. The more I gently reprimand, the more I see my own flaws in need of correction. The more I forgive, the more I see how He forgives. It's funny how we, grown-ups, who our children look up to and expect all the answers from, have so much to learn from them. We make our faith complex with fancy theology. Dress it up with heady study. But our children remind us how truly simple it all is at the heart of it. Love God. Smile at Him. Really, that's all we must do, and the rest will follow.

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  1. oh beautiful. Our children are such a gift from God, in so many ways. We learn each day of the many ways, don't we? Thanks for passing on the reminder to worship simply, just like our children.

  2. They teach so well if we will only listen!

  3. Oh, so gorgeous, Erin. This post, the truth from the mouth of your child and your words. Beautiful. I learn from my kiddos all of the time; it's amazing how much more deeply I know the Father because of having become a parent myself.



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