Tuesday, March 8, 2011

He is Here

Tears of pain and frustration leak from the corners of my eyes as I wrestle with the tough questions:

Why all of this pain in the world?

How can innocent children so sweet and pure be hurt, innocence forever lost?

How can loving families be torn apart by horrible things...by disease, disaster and death?

Why do people who love each other fail to understand and speak hurtful words?

Why so much pain?

Over the course of one day my loved ones have been personally effected by all of these things, and my heart feels heavy. In midst of all my pain and pondering, I step outside to get the mail. I open the door, questions still spinning in my head and I see this:

Amidst all that is brown and dead, buried beneath a blanket of old stale snow, is life. Growth. Renewal. Hope. And immediately I know that He is here. Here in this pain, in these moments of sorrow and loss. Here in the frustration and disappointment. Here when the hard questions are left without answers.

Here, always.

The Lord is here--The One who endured suffering, pain and death on a cross. The One who makes joy, laughter, sunshine and grants eternal life. The One whose plan is far greater than we can ever comprehend, whose sovereignty is perfect, whose ways are everlasting. And we can rest in this...here.

"Come to me, all ye who labour and are burdened, and I will give you rest."
--Matt. 11:28

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