Friday, March 25, 2011

Waking Up

Joining The Gypsy Mama today for another Five Minute Friday. Five Minute Friday is where we write whatever comes to us for five minutes only on a given topic, no edits. We "set our words free." It's so much fun-feel free to join in! The topic this week is "Waking Up." Here we go:


Waking up from spiritual slumber. Coming alive with a greater joy than I've ever before experienced. Rubbing my groggy eyes awake. Awakened to see the light of God--light brighter than the sun. Shaking off the restless night of spiritual apathy, hedonism that gives only transient comfort. Temporary. Temporal. Fleeting. Left empty. Left wanting.

Waking up to the light of a new day, a new life with Christ. Waking up to a life that's real--a life of service, sacrifice, thanksgiving and grace. Being made clean, nightmare of zombie-like sleepwalking transformed.

Being awake.

Loving life. Serving Others.

No greater joy than this.


Happy Friday everyone!


  1. "No greater joy than this." Perfect! We have a lot in common, I have 3 boys and one little princess, in that order :)

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  2. "Being awake."
    "Loving life. Serving Others."
    "No greater joy than this."

    Loved everything about this post. What a great way to take that prompt!!

  3. My Megan was born in 2009 too -- great name choice. =) You have a lovely family... and what a perfect place to serve!

  4. Stunningly beautiful! I can so relate. Thank for expressing what I've experienced so many times before with such eloquence.

  5. Love that you mentioned serving multiple times in your post. Yes, that is a huge part of waking up spiritually isn't it? ;)



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