Friday, March 11, 2011

I Feel the Most Loved When...

I'm linking up at The Gypsy Mama again today for another "Five Minute Friday." The rules are that you write for only 5 minutes, no editing. It's so much fun--feel free to join in! The prompt for this week is: "I Feel the Most Loved When..." Here goes...


I feel the most loved when my little baby girl reaches out for me like I'm the only thing in the whole wide world that matters. When I feel her chubby warm cheek against my chest, breath lightly rising and falling, perfectly tender mother-daughter moment. I feel the most loved when sweet Kevin shovels the cold wet snow so I don't have to. When he lets me sleep in, so tired from infant-induced nights awake. I rise to the smell the breakfast cooking for the boys--the smell of comfort and love. I feel the most loved when he places his cool hand on my feverish brow. I feel the most loved through the caring eyes of dear friends who look on with understanding, souls singing in perfect harmony. I feel the most loved when sisters reminisce about good times and bad, laughing and crying our way through shared history.


Man, those minutes fly by!

Some pictures:

Me & Megan

Me & one of my besties Katie

Me & my sister Laura

me and Kevin <3

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. So sweet, your daughter is adorable!

  2. Oh man, that top picture! It reminds me that these last weeks of pregnancy are worth it- it makes me excited all over again to meet this new little one!

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. @thegypsymama I feel for you during your last 2 weeks--those are the hardest! It'll be so worth it once your sweet little girl is here(which you already know of course!). Wishing you a smooth last 2 weeks! How exciting!

  4. Hey, a fellow Catholic homeschooling momma! I loved this post, it is so ordinarily beautiful, that's love.

  5. Ahhh a husband making breakfast...mine does, too. Something so small is soo big when you have so many littles! Visiting via 5 min Fridays.

  6. Visiting from Catholic Mothers on-line. I am a Catholic homeschooling mom of three as well. You have a beautiful family!

  7. Such a sweet picture of you & your little girl!
    Visiting from Catholic Mothers Online.

  8. I love the pictures and can relate to the cool hand on a fevered brow. It is one of the things that makes me feel most loved as well. Thank you for sharing, it was beautiful.

  9. Just keep calm and enjoy the beauty of happiness in your life. Stay strong and avoid from bad things and memories. Good things will get you all the love you need to be happy.



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