Thursday, March 10, 2011

Simple Pleasures

One of the things that always restores my soul when I'm feeling over-burdened or stressed is engrossing myself in a simple pleasure of some sort. A simple pleasure can be anything from watching the snow fall to baking your favorite recipe. The activity is different for everyone, but the effect is the same; quieting yourself and allowing God to enter. Arts and crafts is one of my simple pleasures. Losing myself in the creative process helps me find myself. I feel more connected to God, have a sense of renewal and come away feeling...refreshed.

My simple pleasure this week has been cutting this paper fern (which I plan to frame and hang in my bathroom when its finished). I just love the process of intricate snipping, the repetition of navigating twists and turns and watching a form emerge from the canvas of white. It's such a simple task yet powerful in its ability to renew. With each snip and turn my mind wanders and my worries melt away. Sometimes I slip into prayer, other times I find clarity and the weight on my shoulders just doesn't seem quite so heavy anymore. No matter where my simple pleasure takes me, I always come away lighter. Happier.

I encourage you to find yourself in a simple pleasure this week!


  1. Every picture looking so great and also that homemade craft. It is my favorite and i am so excited for make is to night.

  2. Here this craft activity looking great and it design is very impressive for me. I am so excited for make it today. Such a this that homemade craft is beautiful.

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