Friday, May 20, 2011

Motherhood:Warts and All!

Lately my daughter Megan (now 18 months old) has been all about the picture books. She looooooves to identify things she recognizes on pages, which generally speaking, is the most adorable thing ever. However, sometimes she...ahem, takes a few... shall we say liberties. Let me provide a few examples:




Totally cute, right? And we all have a good laugh at these. But then there's some pictures that are just um, well a little harder to find the humor in. Let me clarify:


(Note the label below the picture to get an idea of where this is going. Yeah, it gets worse. At least this granny has a somewhat youthful glow!)


(Ok, I've aged another 30 years in this one...but keep reading!)


(Ack! This lady has got to be at least 100 years old!!!! White perm. Stripey apron. None of it good. But wait! The best is yet to come!)


Yeah. That's right. A TROLL. Megan thinks Mommy


Well, Megan, I'm choosing to blame YOU and your sleepless nights for any resemblances I bear to grandmas and creatures of the night!

(P.S. Just kidding, Mommy still loves you. Even though you think she looks like a club-swinging monster. With warts. And bad hair. And flies swarming all around. And we won't even discuss what appears to be hanging out of the back of that loin cloth.)

And can I just say how completely unfair it is that Kevin gets to be handsome, young, rugged ax-swinging L.L.Bean flannel shirt donning cool guy?!

Aaaaaaah well...sometimes ya just gotta laugh at the weird moments that occur in a house full of five-and-unders! We trolls, er...moms make our own fun, don't we? Just thought I'd share a bit of the wacky laughs we've been having this week. And now back to my regularly scheduled club's almost dinnertime. ;)


  1. Ha! LOVED this post. Made me smile today!

  2. So glad i made you smile! (Or really, I suppose Megan should take the credit?! Ha!)

  3. Haha....too funny! Our daughter can recognize most people in pictures, but does not recognize me....I don't get what's up with that.

  4. This is hilarious!!!

    Now in her defense she may be saying that's the mommy of the trolls, right? lol....

  5. I like the way you think, Chelsea! :p Here's HOPING she's just referring to the mommy of the trolls! :p

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