Thursday, May 5, 2011

Safe Keeping

She gives me things to hold. Precious treasures to watch over. Guardian of all that is ordinary and all that is dear. Safe keeping of things great and small. Placing her trust in me that I will hold them safe--store them for when she comes looking. Trusting with wreckless abandon--heart filled to the brim with love and security. I'm struck by how easily trust comes to her. I long to trust like this.

I hold these precious things for my daughter. Tiny treasures.

Dragon's wing.


Little doll.

I am my daughter's keeper. Palm outstretched--ready to hold, to keep safe.

She places her treasure in my hands and toddles off on another adventure-nary a doubtful glance cast behind. Such trust. Such love. Like Peter gliding across water, never faltering.

A mother is always extending her loving hand. Our Father extends His hand to us. His loving palm outstretched to hold our treasures dear. Always present. Ever trustworthy and ready to keep us safe.

We are His precious treasures.

Pour yourself into His trustworthy hands. Trust that he will keep you safe.

His hold is firm, never letting go.

My daughter, not yet two, teaching me how to love and to trust. Ordinary mother moment pregnant with wisdom. Salve to my hardened heart that fears. Such a simple lesson, yet so difficult to learn. Lesson that needs repeating over and over until we grasp it.

She brings me things to hold. I give my heart for Him to hold.

What do you give to His outstretched hand?

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  1. Oh, I love this post! It's so true - the faith of children amazes me and humbles me. I'm so glad that I hopped over!

  2. This is such a sweet post Erin! Certainly a lesson that needs repeating until we grasp it. Beautiful.

  3. Love it, and so true. It's amazing and humbling what the Lord will teach us in simple moments with our children.

  4. my daughter does this everyday too, except with rocks. :) Lovely post.

  5. Your beautiful words are so comforting and peaceful. I've given Him my desires to grow our family. I've given Him our precious boys. And I've given Him the direction of our business. Sometimes I take these things back, but I long to trust like your little girl trusts. Lovely, Erin! Just wonderful BPM!

  6. What a beautiful post. Thank you for the reminder that we are safe in God's hands.

    PS: My pockets are often full of my son's treasures too -- cars, rocks, characters...

  7. Thank you all so much for your kind words! And I love how many of you mentioned the little treasures your children bring you! I hope that every time Megan brings me things it serves as a reminder to me to place my trust in Him.

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