Friday, May 6, 2011

Motherhood Should Come With...

Linking up with The Gypsy Mama again today for another Five Minute Friday! Five Minute Friday is an opportunity to write on a given topic for 5 minutes flat. No editing, no worries. It's so much fun! Give it a try!

The topic for today is "Motherhood Should Come With..." Here goes!

Start. instruction manual, a super hero cape and a role model--someone there to cheer you on and look up to when you have questions with no apparent answers.

Motherhood should come with a prayer to utter for grace, mercy and love. And a foreshadowing of the ways in which you'll stretch, grow, stumble and fall; fall on your knees with exhaustion and frustration and fall on them again before Him in thanksgiving for the life lessons, gifts and boundless love that motherhood brings.

Motherhood should come with friends. Friends who stumble and fall right there along with you. And friends who fall before Him, too, with gratitude in their hearts. Friends to share motherhood's seasons with, and friends who help the stretching and the growing to take place.

Motherhood should come with faith, because no mother should have to go through life's joys and trials without it.

Motherhood should come with a heart full of trust, a song of hope and a dream for the future.


Just beginning my journey of motherhood in 2005 when my first son Luke was born.

Wishing all of you moms out there a fabulous Mother's Day this weekend!


  1. I love the way you worded this and totally agree! Isn't it amazing how God uses motherhood to show us where we are weak AND strong? I feel like I better understand God's unconditional love now that I have people in my life who I feel that same love for. Happy Mother's Day to you~

  2. Oh yes! Prayers, friends, and faith are all necessary in this journey! Only through Him can we even be half the woman we each need to be.

  3. My favorite part of your post is this:

    "Motherhood should come with a heart full of trust, a song of hope and a dream for the future."

    I love that! You said so much, so well and so meaningful. I couldn't agree more.

    Thank you for sharing your 5 minutes with me and thank you for visiting my blog too!

    (On the 5 min. to write, I read Lisa-jo's post and ponder the prompt topic, before I sit down to write for my 5 min. by then the words are all in my head, I just have to put them together like a puzzle.)

  4. Can I just second wholeheartedly that motherhood should surely come with friends, built-in community that lingers throughout the child-rearing years? I feel like we've sorta lost that in our culture.
    Wonderful list!

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