Friday, May 27, 2011

On Forgetting...

Linking up with The Gypsy Mama today for another fabulous 5 Minute Friday! Five Minute Friday is where we write on a given prompt for 5 minutes flat. It's always fascinating to see what comes rushing in. Give it a try!

This week the prompt is: "On Forgetting." Here we go:


Richard, tall and proud at age 84. Eyes twinkling with a hint of a smile at their corners--entire life lived, memories slipping away day by day. "The Man with the Silver Tongue" they called him since he was gifted with knowing just what to say and exactly how to say it. He soaked up every ounce of life, loved his wife, raised up five fine children: 4 girls, 1 boy. A successful man with wit and humor, forgetting all the good times and bad, the laughter, the tears and everything in between.

Alzheimer's: the silent robber that creeps in day by day erasing our loved ones and leaves only traces of who they once were.

Cherish the sweet memories you have, for in forgetting, others are left to take up the responsibility of remembering, of becoming the memory keepers, guardians of days long ago, echo of voices past.


This was written in honor of my husband's grandfather who I had the privilege of knowing for a brief time before he passed away. When I met him his Alzheimer's had already advanced to a stage where he had trouble articulating what it was he wanted to say, but his charming face and twinkling eyes still shone brightly. Sadly I never knew him prior to the disease's onset, but his family members (memory-keepers) have wonderful stories about him, and I can picture in my mind's eye how he once had been--tall, handsome, charming, funny, witty.

When I first read this prompt it immediately called to mind one of my favorite songs, "Bookends" by Simon and Garfunkel. I knew I wanted to write about how important it is to preserve our cherished memories for future generations to pass on. On how remembering is good medicine, and holds everything we value in life--our friendships, our passions, our loves. It's very fitting as we remember loved ones gone before us in our nation's history this holiday weekend. Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

I'll leave you with this hauntingly beautiful song:


  1. My husband's grandmother also had Alzheimer's. It truly is a horrible disease. I'm glad, though, that even though you weren't able to meet him before he was diagnosed, you still are able to celebrate his life in the memories of others.

  2. There are treatment available for the condition.



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