Friday, February 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 1

It dawned on me today that I'm completely unprepared for Valentine's Day! One might not initially find this odd, but considering the fact that I've been talking this holiday up to the kids, decorating for it, reading every children's book on the subject known to man (thank you, public library!) for the past month, it's a little weird. I think my something in my brain is broken when it comes to processing dates and numbers (Oh, and also deciphering left from right!).

I'm officially becoming a salsa addict. I've actually been a salsa addict for quite some time now, but last week I made some amazing fresh salsa with the kids and ever since I can't get the thought of it out of my brain. The most annoying thing about my fresh salsa addiction is that the store-bought stuff pales in comparison to mine since it's often loaded with cilantro, and cilantro=big time yuck to me. I'm one of those weirdos whose brain translates cilantro to tasting like soap. It's a whole thing: Cilantro Haters, It's Not Your Fault

I *desperately* need to go grocery shopping. This Winter I've been suffering from a severe case of "Don't Feel Like Lugging Three Kids To The Grocery Store in 3 Feet of Ice and Snow. " But now we're even running out of basics like bread and milk, so I must overcome my procrasti-shopping!

I'm looking forward to the start of Lent. Is that weird? I've always loved Lent. I just love the time of reflection and deeper communion with God. I love that extra reason to pray more, pray deeper and keep God on my mind on a bigger level. And I also associate it with the approach of Spring, which I'm really looking forward to after the Snowpocalypse that was January: Snow totals in Connecticut for the month of January

I've really been enjoying the book: Homilies for Weekdays by Don Talafous. It's just a great way for me to keep up on the daily Mass readings, since I seldom make it to daily Mass during the week. It has great insights, and they're brief enough that I can fit in a nice reflection time before my homeschooling day begins (or during nap time on one of those days!).

Another great find is this adorable little book: Snip-And-Tell Bible Stories by Karyn Henley. It's such a creative and engaging way to tell bible stories to little kids! I especially love when one of the stories from the Sunday Mass readings is included. I tell the story to the kids during the week and tuck the cut-out into a little folder we bring to Mass on Sunday. It helps interest them a little more in what's going on (And at ages 3 and 5 this is a very good thing!).

This was my first edition of 7 quick takes Friday, thanks to Jennifer over at Conversion Diary. Thanks Jennifer-this was fun! :)

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