Friday, February 18, 2011

Top 10 reasons why I love homeschooling

1. (After this past January I decided this one must make the top of the list!) No snow days!

2. Can stay in bed until whenever I want to. Ok, so not really seeing as 11:00 might be a tad too late for the kids liking lol! But, there is at least some wiggle room in this area.

3. We get to go on field trips whenever we want! No lines, no fuss, no waiting during weekdays!

4. My boys are truly the best of friends. They play together so beautifully and I'm convinced that this is in part because they are with each other just so darn much.

5. Things like baking cookies and holiday decorating are actually learning activities! What's not completely awesome about that?!

6. We can stay in our pajamas all day and no one minds or even knows the difference. (Ok so this list makes me sound like the biggest in-bed-all-day-slob on the planet, but hey, that's cool with me.)

7. We get to explore to far away lands, become pirates, fight space aliens, rescue damsels in distress, slay dragons and travel through time-- all without leaving our doorstep. Everyday.

8. Days off and vacation time is completely up to us!

9. We get to pick whatever we want to learn about-no deadlines, no tests, no stress and no boring lectures.

10. Each and every day I get to hug and squeeze and smother my kids with kisses allllllllll daaaaaaay loooonnnnng (even if it drives all of us crazy lol!).

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