Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can't Help Lovin' That of Mine

One of the really wonderful things about living with someone is that you get to know all of their quirks. Okay, I know, I know-- this is also one of the really um, challenging things about living with someone! Well, this post is actually the marriage of the endearing with the er... less-than-endearing aspects of Kevin and me respectively. (Lucky Kevin comes out shining and I just end up looking like a big ol' slob! But that's ok!)

I have a confession to make: I'm...what one might call a bit um, "dish challenged." Sure, I do the dishes what feels like ALL-THE-TIME, but I admit that I do have an ever-so-slight tendency to let them pile up just a bit first. (I choose to blame homeschooling for this, but feel free to draw your own conclusions.) I'm gonna go out on a limb with this one, but I'm guessing my dish-challenged ways are not at the top of Kevin's love list. But, like a good husband most days he just goes about his own business, refraining from mentioning the mounting clutter emanating from the general direction of the kitchen. However, every once in awhile he breaks down and washes them himself (reason #1 why I love him!). But here's the funny quirky part (reason #2 why I love him!):
before he does the dishes he TAKES A PICTURE OF THEM FIRST.

That's right. No joke.

Without a single word or mention, while no one is in the room Kevin finds the camera, points it at the sink and *click.* Dirty dishes forever preserved. A slovenly still-life for my eyes only. (Occasionally there's even a few different angles and zoom shots to choose from!)

Fast forward about three days later. I turn my camera on to see what little cherubimic pictures I've captured of the kids and--what before my eyes do appear--but a Michelangelo of Mayhem! A Picasso of Putridness! A Degas of Disorder! A Renoir of...you get the picture. With this single act Kevin speaks without volumes saying a word. The message is loud and clear: "I was here. I did the dishes. You're welcome. You're a dish slob but I love you anyway." It's not a hostile message, no silent subdued rage (reason #3 why I love him!). Just a silent little reminder from him to me, that he was there and he helped. And every time it makes me grin ear to ear. Not only because of the help he provided which I so desperately needed (although this is a very valid reason!) but also because he is just so wonderfully weird. And he's all mine. :) Aaaah, that's love folks. I mean, who needs roses when I've got dirty dish pictures, anyway?

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